Kids move up in rank and DJ takes on the world!

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Last night we had our kids belt test at Ivey League MMA. The kids did awesome to say the least. All in all we had 7 kids moving up in rank via the Team Lloyd Irvin Thai-Jitsu Martial Arts system.

We tested the kids on skills in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling and Judo. Pretty much all areas of self defense and MMA. Below is a list of the little ones that moved up in rank:

Donavon Boggs – Yellow Belt
River Dalton – Yellow Belt
Teagan Budka – Gold Belt
Mary Allan – Gold Belt
Lauren Allan – Gold Belt
Drew Dvorak – Gold Belt
Emily Dvorak – Gold Belt
Dauce Boucher – Orange Belt

Some of the things that the kids did very well were the umpa sweep, straight knee and the defensive skills like slipping and ducking. Keep in mind that teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to kids is not easy but these little guys and gals made it look like it was. Showing some slick tricks like the Kimura (oh and knowing where the name came from was a nice touch as well!)

Also last night, Team Lloyd Irvin fighter DJ Jackson won the 2011 BJJ world championships! DJ tore through the tournament, winning 6 straight matches to claim gold. Much congrats to this beast of a fighter. DJ has had a magical year on the tournament circuit, winning everything out there.

Not sure on the other results from the worlds but you can check out Crazy 88′s facebook page for details on that.

Check out the highlight video below of Sir DJ Jackson!

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