Kids Party Late into the Night at the First Ivey League Pizza Bash!

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This past Friday, Ivey League hosted its first Pizza Bash for the kids and their invited guests. The children arrived with plenty of energy, and started off the evening with their favorite game… dodgeball! Several sets of adults were needed to sub into the game because the kids showed no signs of tiring for a solid hour. This gave Ms. Teresa the time she needed to order and pick up all the pizza we needed to feed those hungry mouths. Between the kids, the chaperons, the professional video-gamers, the pizza disappeared in a flash.

The remainder of the evening was divided with groups of children picking their favorite things to do. The young ones were enamored by the video game room, in which a few Ivey League students set up a professional video gaming station with 6 tvs, 6 gaming stations, and unlimited games to play. Karl Jr. watched movies throughout the night in between assisting Mr. Danny with executive tasks. The “big girl crew” played extreme dodgeball and a sophisticated keep away, with of course little Connor intervening whenever necessary.

At the end of the evening, the children begged to keep playing when their parents returned to pick them up. We really enjoyed having them party with us, getting to know their friends and siblings, and spending quality time with all of our volunteers. We look forward to the next bash, and will keep you posted on the next opportunity for you to party with us!

A big thank you goes out to volunteers Coach Charles, Coach Nick W., Brandon, Griffin, Eric and family, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Milligan, and the professional video gamers: Giant Big Nick, Giant Big Nick’s lovely girlfriend, and Bryant.

Parents: If you are interested in having a video game party for your child, please speak with Giant Big Nick or Bryant about their company, AllAboutGamez.Com. They will certainly host an unforgettable gaming party for your child, just ask any of the kids who were there!

Coach Charles supervises a game

Video game mania

Its a family event


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