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Lauren “Katniss” Crino Promoted To Yellow Belt In BJJ

By March 18, 2013 June 27th, 2018 No Comments
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Mr & Mrs Ives w/ Lauren Crino, New Ivey League BJJ Yellow Belt!

This past Saturday, long time student and BBC Member Lauren “Katniss” Crino, was promoted to the rank of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Yellow Belt by Miss Teresa Ives!

Miss Teresa felt that now was the time based on what she’d seen in Lauren’s classes. That and all the great feedback she was getting from the staff regarding Lauren’s progress.

This promotion took place during the mixed levels BBC class on Saturday morning. All the parents and staff in attendance were very proud to be a part of such a moment.

Lauren’s been training for almost 3 years. In that time she’s become one of the best students we have, not only for her skills on the mat but also her leadership and teaching abilities.

We even wrote a story about Lauren a few years back, you can see that story by clicking this link.

Although Lauren has been trained in Muay Thai and Wrestling, It’s the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that called out to her the most.

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The Big Moment!

That’s what she spends a lot of time working on and has very recently moved up to the adult classes.

Master Danny nicknamed her “Katniss” and the name stuck to her. That’s because she looks so much like the main character from the Hunger Games movie.

Getting a yellow belt is no easy task here at Ivey League. We have very high standards that the kids must live up to in order to make that rank.

In 4 years of teaching kids we’ve only promoted 4 yellow belts. After Saturday now we have 5 with Lauren joining the ranks.

Congratulations young lady! Well earned.

Below is a testimonial that Lauren did for Ivey League MMA, check it out.

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