Law Enforcement self defense 101!

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On Saturday, May 22nd, the students were treated to a special law enforcement seminar given by two of the very best cops in the business, Rich Komar and Eric Scheffler of the New Jersey Police. Rich and Eric covered so many great skills that an entire book could be written about it, so this blog could not possibly detail everything. They pulled together all the skills they’ve learned from all the years in martial arts and all the years battling the “bad guys” and taught it in their 4 hour seminar. Just the details about knife defense alone were worth their weight in gold. In the words of Danny Ives “This was one of the top 3 seminars I have ever been to in my 20+ years of training in Martial Arts”.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and thanks to Eric and Rich for making the world a better place!

Danny, Rich and Eric

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