Focus and the martial arts go hand in hand. You’d be hard pressed to have a normal conversation about martial arts and not hear the word “Focus” come up at least a few times.

Focus is a major reason people come to a martial arts school. Adults and kids alike can all benefit from better focus in their daily lives. I can tell you first hand that martial arts can help you in the area.

Focus is something that can be applied to anything you do. Something as simple as reading a book can be very difficult for most people due to a lack of focus.

Focus often times comes into play for those who want to achieve long term goals. Long term goals that are bigger and better then most…

Without good focus, It’s easy to get sidetracked and fall off course. Having better focus helps greatly if and when you fall off course. Focus also makes it much easier to get back on the right course, the course that leads to success.

Kids like Erik Marsh understand the value of great focus and because of this, they win more titles then everyone else.

Kids like Erik Marsh understand the value of great focus and because of this, they win more titles then everyone else.

I try to convey this to my students all the time. But please understand that better focus won’t come overnight. It’s not something that can be worked on a little here and a little there. Each and every day you must try harder to stay focused on what’s not only important but also on what must be done, liked or not.

A good example that most martial arts students can relate to would be the path to black belt. Sticking with a well laid out road map should lead a person black belt.

But even with a good road map there’s going to be bumps in the road almost daily. These bumps will come in the way of many different forms.

Hanging out with friends, chasing girls, parties and so on. You need to stay focus and keep your eyes on the prize.

The most successful people I know – In life or business, are razor focused. Because of this, they never let any type of outside influences take them off the right path.

If you too would like to make something of yourself, or at the very least do better and be better. Focus learned through martial arts programs like the one here at Ivey League MMA provide just that, better focus.

In the end, focus is your best friend. You might have a hard time with this concept at first but stick with it and work harder on better focus day in and day out.

It won’t take long before you start seeing the results and good fortune a little extra focus can bring your way 🙂

–Danny Ives

Oh and just for the heck of it I’ve included some cool videos of some very focused high achievers. Watch them.


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