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Level 1 Muay Thai Kickboxing Test Will Be Held On 06-29-2013

By June 14, 2013 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

Hey everyone. The level 1 Muay Thai Kickboxing test will is right around the corner.

I’d like any student with 3+ months of training to take this test. If you pass you’ll be receiving a level 1 t-shirt as well as access to the new level 2 classes (coming soon).

Below you can find all the info you should need.

Ivey League MMA’s Second Level 1 Test
June 29th (Sat) at 11:30am
The test will be held downstairs in the U-Penn room
There is no cost to take this test. Just show up
You must have more then 3 months of Muay Thai training under your belt

Again, I’m going to stress that I want anyone with over 3 months of training should take this test!

Below are some great MT videos that you can study. Check ’em out!

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