I was talking to our staff the other day. We were talking about some of the things I felt were key to running a successful Mix Martial Arts (MMA) Academy. That and what it takes to be a leader for the students to follow.

After all, being a martial arts instructor should mean a whole lot more then just punching and kicking. It’s about becoming a better person and helping others.

I’ll admit, this type of subject is a bit tricky to write about. What it amounts to is living the right kind of a lifestyle. Being a leader and role model, in and out of the martial arts training room.

I believe that if you plan to teach martial arts classes, you’d better do more then just talk the talk. You need to walk the talk. That means if we tell our students they need to live a certain way in order to have success, we too, need to live that way. If not, what kind of message does that tell the world around us?

How to live?

Activities like partying at sleazy clubs, getting drunk or doing drugs, all this is counter to what being a mixed martial artist is all about. I believe in clean living and taking care of your body and mind.

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Pictured are some of the best students and role modals we’ve got here at Ivey League. Cody and Brandi Truett

It helps me a lot when the staff is on the same page, which we all are. When a family comes in to try out our classes, they see right away that we aren’t fake. You can’t be fake and work here at Ivey League. You’ll be found out quickly. It’s be a real role model or simply pack up and be gone.

Do what you say and live the right way

Everyone that works here trains in martial arts of some form. Staff member Phil Higgins lives and breaths MMA all day, every day. Same thing with myself, Miss Chrissy Smith or my wife, Miss Teresa. We’re ride or die martial arts and because of this, we want to lead by example.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this; When choosing a mixed martial arts school for yourself or your child, you really should check to make sure those who run the school are living the true martial arts lifestyle. Talk is cheap and far too many martial arts schools are just that…talk.

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