What’s up Ivey League MMA? Ivey League C.A.P Member, Marc Julian here. I just wanted to give everyone the 411 regarding the Muay Thai and Boxing Show that myself and Dave Jamison competed at this past weekend.

It’s safe to say that we did pretty good for ourselves, lol.

The smokers took place in Portsmouth, Virginia at the Bushido Mixed Martial Arts Training Center.
We got there a little bit early so Coach Jason took us to OutFox MMA in Virginia Beach, Kru Jose Villarisco’s School.

After a tour of his school and grabbing some lunch with the OutFox team, we made our way to Bushido MMA to weigh in for the fights. David weighed in at 140 and I weighed in at 170.

This was David’s first smoker and my third. He already had an idea of how things went because he came to watch my last smoker which was in the same gym.

David was the first fighter up for Team Lloyd Irvin. He already knew what to expect because he saw his opponent fight in the past event. David’s been training very hard and was more then ready for the battle.

In the opening seconds of the fight, David threw a low kick and caught him below the belt. They had to give him a couple seconds because he was not wearing a cup and they almost stopped the fight because of this.

You could see the disappointment in David’s face. He didn’t want it to end this way. Luckily, they were able to get an extra cup from the gym’s store.

As soon as they continued the fight, David brought the heat. He bum rushed his opponent with punches and kicks and trapped him in the corner.

From there, his opponent was defenseless and the ref had no choice but to call it. 1st Round TKO and a great showing for his first smoker.

I was up next and I was ready to follow up David’s performance. This was my third smoker so I didn’t have any ring jitters like I have had in the past. I was excited and ready to go out there.
Once I made it into the ring, I noticed one thing.

This was the same opponent I fought in my very first smoker. Our first fight was a back and forth war so I knew this was going to be tough.

The bell rang and immediately he caught me with a 1-2 and I felt his power. I knew I had to use my speed if I wanted to win this fight.

Coach Jason kept shouting “Hook to the body”. I timed his jab and followed up with exactly what Coach Jason was saying and threw a hook to the body.

I saw it in his face that the punch caught him right in the liver. He immediately crouched over in pain and for the rest of the round; almost all of his energy was drained from that one body shot.

The rest of the fight I had him trapped in the corner and I repeatedly threw flurries of body shots and hooks to the head.

All in all, Team Lloyd Irvin and Ivey League MMA had a great showing at this event, called a “smoker”.

While competing isn’t for everyone I must admit that I love them and I’d definitely recommend doing some smokers to take your Muay Thai and Boxing to the next level.

I’m not sure what’s up next for the guys and gals of Ivey League Mix Martial Arts but please be sure to check back at this blog from time to time to keep up to snuff.

–Coach Marc

Below is the video of the fight. Sorry it’s a link this time.


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