Marcos Avellan part 2

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It’s funny because I was getting ready to start writing more stuff on Master Marcos and then boom a new interview with him comes out! Below is the link…

I will tell you guys how I met Master Marcos. I was at a tournament with Julius Park back in 2001 down in Atlanta, GA. It was at the Naga which is run by Kipp Kolar.

We saw these guys from Florida warming up and the intensity was awesome. Long story short, Master Marcos and his brother impressed us a lot and from there we would talk at all the tournaments and we become friends.

Master Marcos went on to become the #1 ranked grappler in the USA and would win many great tournaments and MMA fights over his great career.

A group of fighters from Team Lloyd Irvin just got back from a week long training trip in Miami, FL. Working every day with us on different things and helping a ton. If you guys ever make it to Miami make sure you stop by the FFA academy!

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