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Thai Boxing Classes – Morning or Night Classes, Which Time is Best?

By January 7, 2014 June 27th, 2018 No Comments
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Here at Ivey League MMA we run into two types of student. Those who only like to workout in the morning and those who hate mornings and only take night classes. Which one are you?

For me personally, I hate doing anything in the morning, Thai Boxing included! I mean come on man I can hardly tie my show laces at 6am let along hit a punching bag.

However, due to my crazy schedule many times I end up working out at 6am because I have to. I’m willing to bet this happens to you as well. Don’t feel bad, we’re in the same boat.

Sometimes I’m sad to say we’re at the mercy of our schedules and other obligations like a wife and kids. The champions find the time to fit in their Thai Boxing Classes.

Looking back on it I’ve always done my classes and workouts at night. I guess after 23 years it’s just a part of me. But believe me there’s plenty of folks that are in top form at 6am. That’s why we’ve got the 6am Muay Thai and Boot camp classes. For those crazy morning students.

One drawback to nighttime Kickboxing is that some people have a hard time sleeping. You can get pretty hyped up after a good Muay Thai lesson, the result is staring at a ceiling wide awake.

Don’t worry if that happens to you. Once you get used to the night thing it goes away. That’s a big reason why a lot of the mom’s we’ve got here take the AM Boot Camp classes.

I guess I should point out that we’ve got Thai Boxing classes at 6am and 7pm. For both types of students.

I’ve learned over the years that some people work better in the am and others at night. Everyone’s different. In the end you’ve gotta figure out what time works better for you. Make a schedule that suits your needs and be sure to stick with it!

Time to study some Thai Boxing Technique youtube videos

Below are some awesome youtube videos that should get you hyped up, morning or night. The first one is of a good friend of mine, Steve Whittier, teaching how to do the teep kick. Very good technique.

The second is a video shot right here at Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts. Check them both out and study up!


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