Muay Thai Nationals Training Has Begun!

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Interested in Muay Thai Nationals? This year Ivey League will take a group of dedicated, hard-working students to compete at the Muay Thai Nationals at the end of June. Information on the competition can be found at:

If YOU would like to compete at this prestigious event, please let Coach Danny know ASAP. There are a few requirements to compete, including:

  • You must attend every advanced muay thai class and participate in sparring up til the competition.
  • You must attend additional training at Lloyd Irvin’s main gym in Camp Springs on Friday evenings. This training will include technique, pad work, conditioning and sparring. This is not optional. For additional information on this, contact Coach Danny at [email protected]
  • You must comply with the requirements of the tournament, which are listed on the website above.

We are very excited to bring our tough Ivey Leaguers to this great event. If you are not interested in competing, but are interested in supporting the team, please contact Teresa to corridinate our team fans at [email protected] The more cheering Ivey Leaguers the better!

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