My morning words of Motivation by Danny Ives

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Let me ask you something…how ya Feeling? All is well in your world? Are you motivated today? Do you feel like going out and taking on the world?

If you answered yes then awesome, get to it. If you answered no, or something in between it’s cool, that’s normal. No one wakes up motivated every single day.

Take me for example. I’m up and about, doing my thing here at Ivey League. It’s 5:30am in the morning. I’m sitting here at my computer writing a blog about motivation.

Ah but here’s the thing. I’m not even motivated today. Not at all. I don’t wanna be down here, in my cave of an office, writing this email.

To be totally honest I’m kind of snarky today. A little sore from Kickboxing last night. I’m just like you and everyone else.

Some days I’m amped up and ready to go, other days, (like today) not so much. So no, I’m not feeling particularly motivated and really all I want to do is go back home and back to sleep.

Here’s the thing. I’d like to just up and leave, but i can’t. Can’t and won’t. I’ll sit here like a good boy and focus on the task at hand.

I do this because I know in my heart of hearts, if i don’t do what needs to be done Ivey League MMA, my wife Teresa, the cats and fish all suffer because of my laziness.

So if all i’ve gotta do to stay right in this world is write this blog at 5 something in the morning, and that means dragging myself out of bed to go do what I need to and should be doing, I’ll work through my snarky attitude.

I didn’t get to this point, this amount of success, by sitting on my butt playing the woulda, coulda and shoulda game.

I had an outstanding career as a fighter, martial artist, instructor and here with Ivey League MMA not because I was more talented then everyone else (i’m not trust me), or I had a trust fund set up for me by mom and dad.

I was successful because i did what needed to be done no matter what kind of mood i happened to be in. I woke up each day and did things I hated to do because I knew that was my only way out of Philly. My way out to a better life.

Having been around many highly Successful people over the years I can tell you for certain that the ones who allow their current mood, state on mind at that moment, dictate how they went about their day, are never successful.

It’s tough to stay strong in the rat race of life believe me I get that. But if you want to make a name for yourself, be somebody in the world, or just if nothing else get that sense of satisfaction from a job well done, you’ll find a way to stick to the plan.

I kid you not, it’s the ones who plan ahead, set daily tasks and goals, stay focused no matter what mood they happen to be in, stick to the plan and get crap done, those guys and gals become champions of life. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Can you be that person? The go-getter? I bet you can sure, but do you think you can be that person?

Always believe in yourself. Never give up and attack each day with a sense of pride and purpose. You know what I mean…GET CRAP DONE!

Okay that’s my rant for today. Thanks for reading. I’m off to do my thing. Below I tossed in a video that very well might be the single greatest motivational speech ever given, ever.

Check it out.

Stay classy Annapolis 🙂

–Danny Ives

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