NAGA Maryland Results 2011

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On Saturday, October 8th 2011 Ivey League MMA had one of the best showings ever in a grappling tournament. We took a nice little squad down to the Naga event in Landover, MD and walked away with a rack of medals. Many of our students that won were first time competitors on the grappling circuit, which made it even better.

Team Lloyd Irvin academies from all over the Maryland, DC and Virginia areas came together to help in the effort, yes you could say we dominated. The academies that brought teams were:

  • Team LI’s main academy in Camp Springs, MD (Run by Master Lloyd Irvin)
  • Crazy 88 in Elkridge, MD (Run by Julius Park)
  • Ivey League MMA in Annapolis, MD (Run by Danny Ives)
  • Leo Dalla BJJ in Woodbridge, VA (Run by Leo Dalla)
  • Beta Academy in Washington DC (Run by Nak Phengapham)
  • Top Flight MMA in Aberdeen, MD (Run by Ron Stallings)
  • Evolve Academy in Rockville, MD (Run by Mike Moses)

All the teams brought both adults and kids to come out and compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Nogi grappling. We all had a great time and it was good to see everyone out there, including other local BJJ teams.

The results for Ivey League MMA are listed below:

Mike Buffum – 1st place nogi adults
Dave Pfiffer – 1st place gi adults (Dave is 17 btw)
Brandon Dolezal – 1st place No Gi, 2nd place Gi
Dave Chavies – 2nd place Gi
Jack Dawson – 3rd place expert no gi
Drew Dvorak – 2nd place NoGi
Emily Dvorak – 1st place Gi, 2nd place in Nogi
Eric Graham – 1st place NoGi and 1st place GI
Alexia Lara – 1st place Nogi and 3rd Place Gi
Christian Barcikowski – 2nd place NoGi and 3rd place Gi
Brandon Bill – DNP
Holden Murphy – DNP
Aidan Buffum – DNP
Michael Graham – DNP
Joey Conway – DNP
Scott Keller – DNP

Thanks a ton to everyone who came out and put it on the line. We’re super proud of you guys! GO TEAM LLOYD IRVIN!!!!!

–Ivey League MMA Staff

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