Naga Richmond Results

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The last grappling tournament of the season was the Naga Richmond and Ivey League MMA was there like always to show the students off.

We had a small team, about 12 people but the results were outstanding. Both kids and adults made the 2+ hour drive to Richmond, Virginia.

The kids team started off the day at 10:30am. BBC member Robert Mish was the first child to hit the mats and also the first to win his weight class, taking gold in nogi novice. Robert had a breakthrough day and shows great promise for the future.

Next up were the BBC twins, Emily and Drew Dvorak. Emily sadly didn’t have any girls in her divisions so she ended up wrestling against boys. She did well placing 4th. For the second time in a row Drew won his Gi wight class. Drew used great headlock defense and guard passing to breeze through his division.

The new kids on the block, BBC members Matt, Eric and Micheal Graham all snagged gold medals in their divisions. Eric is on a roll having taken no losses in any matches this grappling season. Brother Matt also hit the “money move” for the tournament and picked up $50 bucks for his troubles. BTW the money move was the cross choke from guard.

BBC member Alexia “Miss Double Leg” Lara got back to her winning ways, winning both gi and nogi divsions. Alexia was dominant and showed why she is the 2011 Pan Kids Champion. In the finals of Gi she submitted her opponent with the “kurtzrock” armbar and picked up a bonus prize of $50.

For the adults gold medals came back from CAP Platinum members David Phiffer and Mike “Socks” Sunderland. We got bronzes from CAP members Carol Mullins and Joey Conway. David was able to hit many of the advanced half guard techniques that Master Danny Ives has been teaching and will be taught in his upcoming DVD set. Socks also looks on form as he was able to win his gi weight class was a lightning fast triangle choke from the guard.

All in all it was a great day and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Great work team Lloyd Irvin Annapolis!

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