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NAGA Tournament Results For Ivey League MMA (Va Beach)

By June 25, 2014 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

This past weekend we took a bunch of students to compete at the NAGA Grappling Tournament down in Virginia Beach. It was a great time had by all, coaches, students and their families.

Oh and once again Ivey League MMA brought back the bacon! By bacon I mean a bunch of 1st place medals and a few other top three placings.

Those students who competed are listed below followed by how they placed. 1st place students are listed in bold.

Austin Hartman, 1st Place
Phil Higgins, 1st Place
Tierney Gerrity, 1st Place
WikiFish Avila, 1st Place
Robert Mish, 1st Place
Jameson Gerritty, 1st Place
Kenny Brazill, 1st Place
Sean Garlington, 1st Place
Collin Brazill, 1st Place
Pink Schrouter-Stevens, 1st Place
Dax Avila, 2nd Place
Grace Kirby, 2nd Place
Eli Natale, 2nd Place
Matthew Mish, 3rd Place
Joe Mann, 3rd Place
Seton Gerrity, 3rd Place
Patrick Ellis, DNP
Jacob Miller, DNP
Mouth Garlington, DNP
Prototype Miller, DNP

This particular tournament gave us plenty of great stories to tell and students to talk about. I wish I had the time to talk about everyone but sadly with summer camp going on right now that just can’t happen 🙁

I did however include some details for a few of the students. See below.

The standout student of the day was 7 year old Jameson Gerritty. Young “BearCat” as we call him brought back three 1st place medals while taking breaks in between throwing up due to illness. If there was even a picture of heart and toughness I’m pretty darn sure Bearcat would be it!

Another standout performance was JR’s BBC Member WikiFish Avila. WikiFish stepped up to the plate and competed in her first expert level division and didn’t just “hang” with the other kids but she won the whole thing! For her troubles she was awarded a championship belt and much praise from the crowd.

WikiFish showing off her well earned championship belt!

WikiFish showing off her well earned championship belt!

Then we had beloved coach and part time basketball enthusiast Phil Higgins who also looked in top form. Phil ended up blowing through his blue belt division, winning all matches by armlock submission and bringing back a very welcomed 1st place medal for his effort. Look for this to be the start of a long list of goals accomplished in 2014.

Coach Phil just where he likes to first place!

Coach Phil just where he likes to be…in first place!

And last but not least I wanted to talk about rising star and first time open field competitor Austin “Ghost” Hartman.Ghost has been working his tail off in training and because of this work he was able to pull away from Va Beach with 1st place in his back pocket. You’d be amazed to see how far this fine young man has come in such a short time.I could go on and on about everyone who competed but again, i don’t have the time. Just know that the whole Ivey League staff is more then proud!In the end, we didn’t win everything that we wanted but at the same time it was still a solid showing for both the kids and adults.Since it’s the first tournament of the summer/fall season we’ll take these results and learn from them. I only think about moving forward, not backwards.We love our students and like always they showed us how tough and hard nosed they can be. Great work everyone!

Next up is the Battle of the Beach in Wildwood NJ. You better believe we’ll be there rocking a big ‘ol smile 🙂

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