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NAGA Virginia Beach Results For Ivey League

By July 8, 2015 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

Sorry for the late writeup regarding results from the NAGA Grappling Tournament held in Virginia Beach on June 26th. Normally this would’ve been done by now but you know, summer camp eats up a lot of my time.

We ended up taking a strong team of about 20 students down to Va Beach and at the end of the day came back with the best results we’ve ever produced.

Below you’ll find a list of those who competed and how they placed. 1st place champions are in bold.

Racheal Callahan – 1st place
Teresa Ives – 1st place
Chrissy Smith – 1st place
Joe Caggiano – 1st place
Jacob Miller – 1st place
CC Fowler – 1st place
Wiki Avila – 1st place
Jameson Gerrity – 1st place
Seton Gerrity – 1st place
Scarface McKann – 1st place
Cutter Gardner – 1st place
Magnus Benz – 1st place

Tierney Gerrity – 2nd place
AJ Hall – 3rd place
Michael Garlington – 2nd place
Patrick Ellis – 2nd place
Alex Coe – 2nd place
Deuce bouché – 2nd place

As you can see by the results, our students did more then just good. It was an outstanding showing from a great group of people, both kids and adults.

I will point out that it was the adults who really stole the show this time around. They were lead by Ivey League Owner Miss Teresa Ives and kids instructor Chrissy “Thresher” Smith.

I could write about every single competitor but in all honesty i just don’t have that kind of time. I can point out a few of the stands out however.

Racheal Callahan

Racheal was awesome in all her matches. She went on to win the finals of GI with a triangle choke in about a minute.

What most people don’t know about Racheal is that she’s only been training for 5 months! That’s right in just that short amount of time she’s gone from knowing zero to now winning the NAGA.

Joe Caggiano

“Wild Man” Joe was also on fire, winning his nogi division with little to no problems. Just like Racheal, Joe’s only been training a very short amount of time.

Joe showed that sometimes the best way to go about competing is being super aggressive and sticking to the game plan, which he did both.

Seton Gerrity

For a while it was touch and go as far as results were concerned for Seton. She’s win and lose some key matches. I knew how hard she worked in the room so i was sure this phase would pass; and it did.

Seton was on fire, winning all her matches and placing 1st in GI. The use of many different techniques and being hyper aggressive was the ticket for this 9 year old.

Again, I wish I could write about everyone who competed and did so well. Congrats to all that took part and please know we’ve all so proud of a job well done!


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