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New Breed Grappling/BJJ Tournament Results

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Last Saturday Ivey League MMA sent a small group of students to take part in the New Breed Tournament. This tournament focuses on grappling (NoGi) and Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

Although we knew this tournament would be quite a bit smaller then the normal NAGA or IBJJF we’re used to, that sure didn’t the gang from showing up with the “A” game in tow.

Our team consisted of:

  • Darryan McKann
  • Patrick Ellis
  • AJ Hall
  • Chrissy Smith
  • Jacob Miller
  • Pink Schrouter-Stevens
  • Lania Nick
  • Robbie Ballinger
  • Tierney Gerrity
  • Seton Gerrity
  • Jameson Gerrity
  • Michael Garlington
  • Sean Garlington
  • Finton Marano

The kids team is pictured here at the New Breed Tournament held in Gambrills, Maryland

The kids team is pictured here at the New Breed Tournament held in Gambrills, Maryland

The standout of the day was 9 year old Seton “Sochi” Gerrity. Sochi, as we call her, won all her matches, most by submission.

And what’s even more impressive is that all her wins came against boys! Some up to 11 years in age.

Sochi showed off much improved guard skills including armbars, sweeps and hyper aggressiveness. I’ve got to admit seeing Sochi step up her level was a breath of fresh air!

The other star of the day Patrick “Blood” Ellis. Patrick, much like Sochi, was coming off a bad showing in California so needless to say, a good showing was welcomed.

Patrick, like always, used aggressive attacks from both the feet and on the mat to gain the upper hand.

Being aggressive and better technical skills made all the difference and because of this, Patrick snagged two shinny gold medals to add to his collection.

It wasn’t all about the kids team I should point out. For the adults it was our very own Miss Chrissy Smith who laid down the law.

I know the kids were pumped to see her win, especially after all the extra hard work she’s been putting in at Ivey League.

Chrissy claimed the gold medal in the women’s open weight class (open means all weights combined), winning a nail biter in the finals.

Solid Judo grip fighting paid off in spades for Chrissy. If not for these skills some of the takedown transitions could have gotten pretty dicey.

Overall it was a good tournament for Ivey League. We’re hoping the team can carry these results right into the next tournament, which is the NAGA NJ in late April.

The hard work will continue and if all goes our way, gold medals will follow 🙂


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