New Curriculums are out for June and news related to Ivey League

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As many of you know we here at Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts believe in being organazed. So like any good martial arts school we plan our techniques and class routines out in advance.

I’m a big believer that the reason most martial arts schools fail (and careers too) is due to poor planning.

Planning is must. This means more then coming up with your game plan for the day while taking your morning shower – that’s not planning it’s funcuning! People that live that way will have lots of ups and downs. Martial Arts schools will too. Plan plan plan!

Okay moving on! This week we’ll be working hard on mount defense for the kids as well as the adults. That along with the normal curriculum training of course. So of the things covered this week will be:

*Mount defense
*Takedown training using the jab as a set up
*Mitt work with a focus on the round kick
*Passing the guard using the over/under series
*Chokes from the turtle position

Don’t forget also that we have the kids summer sessions starting on June 18th, 2012! Last years sessions were great and the kids made huge gains. That was only for 2 weeks mind you, this years session is 10 full weeks! Yes you can drop your child(s) off to us at 6:30am and we’ll train them, watch them and take them on field trips and you can pick them up at 6:30pm. No one else in the area offers that kind of child care. Take advantage of it. See Chrissy for more information.

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