David Miller

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David Miller US ARMY

My name is David Miller. My son Jacob has been training martial arts at Ivey League MMA since January of 2012 and my daughter Lauren has been training there as well since June of 2012. Martial arts have become a huge part of both of my children’s lives. Having trained myself, it was important for me to find the right martial arts school and program for my children.

We moved to the Annapolis area of Maryland in December of 2011. That is when I began the search for a martial arts school. I didn’t just want any school I wanted the right school. That is when I found Ivey League MMA. I knew as soon as I walked through the door this is where I wanted my son to train.

I saw how great the entire Ivey League staff was with all the children. They showed genuine care and concern. The instructors weren’t only there to teach the kids martial arts but to teach lessons that will shape their lives and make them successful adults.

When we lived in El Paso Jacob had problems with bullies. Jacob is a sweet kid and he is a friend to everyone and this is what the bullies preyed on. Since he began his training at Ivey League Jacob has grown as a person. His self-confidence increased almost immediately. He now stands up for himself and others. Bullies are no longer an issue for him.

His leadership skills have improved greatly as well. You can see it in his confidence. Other kids flock to Jacob and look to him as a leader and he sets the example for them both on and off the mats. Jacob’s attention to detail and meticulous nature for wanting to do things the right way are another by product of his training. I could not be happier with the young man I am seeing my son develop into.

Lauren watched her brother train for six months. It was at this point she decided she wanted to start training as well. Lauren saw Jacob having fun and making friends. Her competitive nature told her that she needed to head down the martial arts path. Lauren’s development has been drastically different than that of her brother’s. Lauren has a strong willed spirit. The lessons she has learned are a little more humbling.

The most significant improvement with her has been her discipline. She has learned to be more respectful to others and not talk back. This has in no way lessened that independent spirit of hers it has actually strengthened it. Lauren is growing and becoming a young woman who is determined and will succeed no matter the odds.

Both of my children have improved their school work because of their martial arts training. They are now in accelerated programs at their school and are always on the honor roll. The discipline they apply on the mats in their training has transferred to their schoolwork. Martial arts and Ivey League are an asset to parents to help them raise successful, independent, and confident children.

Master Danny Ives has put together a phenomenal program at his school. He has also assembled a staff that shares his vision and love for children. Master Ives is shaping young lives. He is setting the example for children and is an excellent role model. Most of the children that he trains probably won’t go on to be martial arts champions and that is fine.

They learn important life lessons from Master Ives and his staff. The children in his program will be well equipped to deal with whatever adversity life throws at them. Training at Ivey League with Master Ives has ensured this next generation will be successful and contribute greatly to society, of this I am confident.

David Miller, Arnold, MD
Sergeant 1st Class, US ARMY

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