Ninja roll time

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Ok everyone, so I was thinking, people always ask me about this one move that I showed on youtube (it has been viewed all over the world, from what youtube told me) and the name of the move is the “Ninja Roll” back take. First, lets talk about this move a little and I’ll give you some insight as to how the name came about…

I think I first saw this move about 5 years ago. My old roommate showed it to me one day at Master Lloyd Irvin’s academy and I was like “hey, that’s pretty slick” and since then I’ve been using it. My other roommate named it the Ninja roll, because he said it was sneaky or something like that. So the name kind of stuck with it.

It tends to be a move that works good for taller lankier fighters but if you guys have ever seen the way I’m built (5’8 180LBS) then you would know that pretty much anyone can apply it.

Ok well that tells the tale of the Ninja Roll. Go below and click on the video to see the move and if you are able to hit it in training let me know.

-Coach Danny Ives

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