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Omoplata for MMA – Annapolis Martial Arts classes – BJJ – Gracie

By May 20, 2011 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

Alright so Master Danny Ives got like 100 emails over the last month and everyone wanted to see some new omoplata stuff on youtube. So we filmed a new one for you guys to check out. This time it’s got the MMA take on it, as the omoplata is very good for MMA (and of course BJJ with or without the gi)

Helping Master Danny out is BJJ purple belt, Danny “Micro” Faggella. Dan runs a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA academy up in Wake field, RI.

Back to the omoplata… everyone always asked where does the name omoplata come from? Good question, we have no idea! Master Danny was in Brazil about 10 years ago and asked some of the Brazilians what it meant and they had no idea as well. So the name is a mystery. What we do know is that this move works, and works very well for MMA fighting or in BJJ training, both with and without the gi. There have been many good fighters that have used this move, fighters like BJ Penn, Minotauro, Mayham Miller and many more, but those are a few to start with.

The thing with an Omoplata is that a lot of people view it as a submission hold but the truth is that it tends to be used more to sweep your opponent to get on top rather then submit them. Now I’m sure you’re saying “why on earth would you use a submission hold to sweep someone rather then submit them?!” The thing is it’s not always easy to submit an opponent and often times they will roll out of the Omoplata, which is fine because you have to chase them and get on top, which is easy (or should be).

Someone the other asked if the Omoplata would be good for a street fight or a self defense situation. Truth be told we’re not so sure you would need an advanced technique like this for a street fight. Something much more basic would work just fine. An Omoplata should only need to be pulled out on an advanced fighter.

Ok well enough talk, check out the videos below for a look at this awesome technique!

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