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Paralysis by Analysis – Sometimes You Need Shut The Brain Down

By December 27, 2014 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

Paralysis by analysis. Every heard that saying before? I can tell you that my students hear it from my on a daily basis.

I tell them this because many students, not just mine here in Annapolis, tend to over think things, to the point where they freeze up and can’t be effective with their skills during live situations.

If this sounds like you don’t worry, It’s pretty common actually. Let me help you gain a better understanding of this and help you get a grip on things.

I should start by pointing out there’s nothing wrong with thinking about the right and wrong way to do a technique. That’s totally fine.

What you’ll want to avoid is over thinking the technique. Know each and every move sure, but don’t over stress yourself with the details to the point where instead of actually doing the move you end up freezing.

Sometimes it’s best to just turn your mind off and let things flow. I know that sounds silly but trust me it does make a difference.

How do you know if you’re over thinking while rolling/sparring/fighting? Do you find yourself stopping in the middle of a technique squeeze and thinking about what to do next?

If so, then yes most likely you’re over thinking.

The key to ending this issue is to spend a lot of time drilling on your skills. The more drilling you do the better.

If you drill enough sooner or later the techniques will become a part of you. More of a reflex, instead of a thought pattern.

Now I don’t want to paint a picture of fast results with this. No it’s takes a long time for your skills to become a reflex.

Keep training, keep drilling, ask questions, study youtube videos and sooner, rather then later, you’ll find yourself doing a whole lot more and thinking about what you just did a whole lot more.

Does all that make sense? I started to get pretty deep for a second haha.

Okay that’s today’s lesson. Below you’ll find some great videos worth watching.

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