Private Lessons

Private Lessons at Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts


Have you ever considered taking private lessons? They’re not for everyone but for some private lessons work wonders and are their preferred method of learning.

Who should consider taking some private lessons?

Lot’s of people take private lessons and there’s a number of good reasons to invest in this type of training.

Some students want faster progress and to have their training specificity tailored to their needs.

Other students really need that extra “push” during a workout, they want a coach standing right over them making sure they work hard.

One fairly common reason people seek out private training is due to some type of social anxiety that’s brought on by a big group of people.

Some students really do have a tough time being surrounded by a lot of people during let’s say a Kickboxing class.

If you’re the type of person who had issues with bigger class sizes then private training may very well but the way to go.

boxing classes

This young lady just finished a great Kickboxing private lesson with Master Danny Ives

Ivey League MMA offer private lessons for a variety of different Mix Martial Arts programs including:

  • Kickboxing
  • Boxing
  • Kids Martial Arts
  • Strength and Conditioning (Fitness Training & Weight Loss)
  • Wrestling
  • Gymnastics
  • Judo

As you can see there’s lots of options to choose from. Depending on what you’re looking for you can pick lessons in a certain style or training format that’s going to work best to suit your individual needs.

We also have different instructors to choose from. You can choose who you’d like to work with again, depending on your wants and needs.

Below you’ll find a list of Ivey League Instructors as well as their going rate for one hour private lessons and the type of training they specialize in:

  • David Miller, S/C – $60
  • Thor Davis, KB – $60
  • Chrissy Smith, Kids – $60
  • Katniss Crino, Kids – $60
  • Teresa Ives, Kids, KB, BJJ, MMA – $80
  • Mark Saunders, Kids, BJJ, LE – $60
  • Nick Conception, BJJ, KB, LE – $80
  • Laith Hyali, BJJ – $80
  • Nick Kisner, Boxing – $50
  • Danny Ives, MMA, BJJ, KB, LE, Kids, Weapons – $250 (Only Available in Nov/Dec)

Our private lessons are sold in blocks of 5 or 10 just keep that in mind.

To schedule a private lesson with one of our highly qualified instructors please contact us at (443) 339-8130 or via email ([email protected]).

Please tell us which instructor you’d like to take lessons with or if you’re not sure we’ll be more then happy to help you pick out the right instructor based on your individual wants and needs.

Private lesson allow our coaches to customize the students training in order to better suite their needs.

Private lesson allow our coaches to customize the students training in order to better suite their needs.