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Q & A with Ivey League’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Dave Miller

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Below you’ll find an interview I did with our strength and conditioning (s and c for sort) coach David Miller. He sheds some light on his background, passion for s and c training and the future direction of this program/classes here at IL. Enjoy.

Alright well let’s get started shall we? Tell us a little about yourself?

I am active duty Army. I have been in the Army now for 15 and a half years. I have deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq on several occasions. One of the most important parts of my Army job is ensuring Soldiers are in shape and prepared to survive the rigors of combat. I have been part of the Ivey League family now for a little over three years. I enjoy training Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA. Martial Arts is more than a hobby for me. I enjoy the discipline and it brings and use it as a way to wind down after work.

Alright very cool. So let me ask you the obvious question, what got you into S and C training?

Like I said a big part of my job is preparing Soldiers for combat. To do this I had to develop very regimented physical training sessions. I adopted ideas outside of the normal Army PT program to ensure these men and women were prepared to survive in austere environments. After while I realized that I have a passion for strength and conditioning training. I want to take this from a part of my job and turn it into a career for my life after the Army.

For you, what’s the most gratifying thing you take away from helping people get in shape?

The best part about working with people is seeing them improve from session to session and helping them live a healthier and more fit life. Helping people reach their goals is the most rewarding part of this job. It doesn’t matter what those goals are. I work with people that want to be professional MMA fighters. I work with women that just want to be in better shape in general. I even work with kids helping them develop athleticism so they can excel in their given sport. It doesn’t matter what your goals, if you want to be healthy and fit I want to help you get there.

Awesome stuff. In your eyes, what’s the future direction of Ivey League Strength and Conditioning program?

The future is bright for the program. After the success Jeff had in his first professional fight many students have now realized the need for strength and conditioning in their own training regimens. No, not everyone is looking to fight professionally or even compete. They understand that S and C is only going to helping them succeed faster in reaching their Martial Arts goals. The program is expanding to involve some of the junior students as well. Through directed training sessions and close monitoring the younger members of Ivey League will be getting faster, stronger, and more athletic. The program is growing exponentially as evidenced by the attendance of the S and C and bootcamp classes. People are seeing the benefits of the program in measurable ways and this has raised enthusiasm to a whole new level. Our dynamic workouts have something to offer everyone regardless of age, fitness level, or goals.

Fantastic, is there anything else you’d like to add in?

I would like to thank Danny and Teresa for bringing me on board and trusting me to head up and revamp this program. They have also helped me realize that I can make a successful career out of this and have provided me a platform from which to launch my own business. I want to thank my wife Rhonda for believing in me and supporting me through this process as I work to establish our future after the Army. Finally, I want to thank Jeff Blachly. He trusted me enough to bring me in and help him get ready for the biggest fight of his young career. I look forward to the program growing and helping anyone that wants to become more fit and healthy.

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