Richard Avila

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The children’s program at Ivey League MMA is world class.

From my perspective, parent of two children, the following items come out:

1. A serious commitment to physical fitness
2. The psychological development of resilience and confidence
3. The development of character that goes beyond the immediate martial arts
4. The learning and practice of effective self-defense skills

All this is accomplished in a positive manner that has my children just loving to go to training at Ivey League. My daughter has developed a quieter and deeper sense of confidence.

My son had the confidence to stand up to a bully who had taken his friends lunch away – the bully backed down. There is no question in my mind that having my kids at Ivey League MMA was one of the best decisions that my wife and I have made for their up-bringing and preparing them to go into the world.

Richard Avila, Arnold, MD

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