Seminars This Weekend At Ivey League MMA + New Video

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Just another heads up that this weekend Ivey League MMA will be hosting two different types of seminars. The first is for the kids and will be focused on Judo and throws. The second will be focused on Muay Thai Kicking and will be covering many types of striking combos.

Anyone taking or thinking about martial arts classes should be at these seminars.

That’s this Saturday. The Judo seminar starts at 10am and the Muay Thai seminar will start at 1pm.

At 12noon we’ll also be hosting a silent auction that will help raise money to get the moving in process at the new academy moving along a little bit faster.

Please come on out and take advantage of this opportunity to train with some of the best in the martial arts world!

Also, I shot a new video going over the right way to attack with the double leg takedown for MMA. This is a video that I’d been thinking I should have done a while back.

It covered the footwork and technique that go along with hitting the perfect double leg takedown in a real fight.

You can check out that video below. Study it and pay close attention to the footwork I go over because that’s so key for having an effective double leg. The devils in the details folks!

Annapolis MMA Classes – Footwork For The Double Leg Takedown In MMA from Annapolis MD MMA Classes on Vimeo.

Come On Out And Get Your MMA Training On!

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