Some BJJ solo drills

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So I was thinking that I’d post a cool video I did way back in the day (ok not that long ago!) of me showing some solo drills that are great for either BJJ or MMA.

I am showing a few different exercises such as shrimping, bridging and foot circling. I have always liked these drills for my own training and for the training of a class. It’s just some simple things that you can do to help get your ground fighting better. We use these a lot at Ivey League MMA.

Lots of people always ask me which of these movements I think is the best? Hmm…well I like foot circling the most just because it teaches you great leg and foot work. It also happens to be a fun drill as well so I would say yeah, foot circling! But it’s the most fun for me, there isn’t really a “best” drill to do.

You might ask “when is a good time to do these?” I use them as a warm up or after class when I’m already tired and I want to get some extra work in. Keep in mind that if you don’t have anyone to train with these can be a great way to get some skill training in without workout partners.

What are the drills for? Listed below are the reasons you do each one in the video:

*Foot Circling – It’s used to develop guard work and guard defense
*Bridging – It’s used to get someone out of mount or crossbody
*Hip heisting – It’s used to help get out of the turtle position (also very useful for top/bottom in wrestling.

Check out the video below and as always, if you have any questions shoot me an email at [email protected] (I do my best to respond fast but I get over 100 emails a day so if I don’t then please don’t hate me)

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