Strength And Conditioning Training At Ivey league MMA

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Checked the schedule as of late?! Chances are you have, at least we hope so anyway.

On Tuesday nights we offer a gem of a class, which starts 8:30pm (right after MMA 101). It’s our MMA strength and conditioning class. If you haven’t tried it then you don’t know what you’re missing.

Now, what is strength and conditioning you ask? It can be a number of things ranging from weight lifting to running to circuit style workouts like crossfit.

Strength and conditioning is a term you hear a lot in sports like football, baseball and boxing. It’s important to try and keep up on building muscle and working on that cardio, aka your heart and lungs.

Now, remember that we’re not bodybuilders so the strength and conditioning classes we offer at Ivey League are tailored to meet the needs of people that need muscle for go, not show! These are the types of muscles that will work for you in a real fight, and the kind you need.

About getting that hot body and look of being in shape…

You’ll get toned and look great with the type of strength and conditioning we offer. We get you in fighting shape without having to fight at all and that’s really just a by-product of the training.

These classes will get you in better then great shape. Combine this strength and conditioning class with your normal MMA training and you’re on your way to that body you always wanted (not a joke).

Who runs our fitness classes? We have 3 people that work the fitness classes. Miss Chrissy Smith, Mr David Miller and Miss Teresa Russin. Miss Teresa tends to focus more on the women’s fitness bootcamp classes which are coming soon (don’t miss those btw!).

Still not sure what it is or what it’s all about? I thought I’d toss up a sweet video of the Univerity of Nebraska’s wrestling team doing a run and circuit style workout. These types of workouts are sure to melt away the weight.

Remember that you don’t have to be in good shape to take the fitness class on Tuesday night! Just show up and let us get you in shape, that’s our job after all!!

Check out the video below, it’s a good time…

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