Student Spotlight – Jeaneo Binney, The First Avenger!

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For me to write about CAP Platinum member Jeaneo Binney is easy. I mean, come on guys she was the very first student we had at Ivey League MMA! The first avenger as I like to call her. On top of that she’s one heck of a student and has an amazing story to tell.

Let me give you some background info on Jeaneo and her story/journey into the martial arts world…

Jeaneo was born and raised in the state of Washington. She’s got a brother that’s also heavy into the martial arts (he’s a black belt in Karate in Washington). Jeaneo is married to a very well known actor in the Maryland area, Brian Binney (Brian often appears at the Laurel Mill Playhouse). They have a daughter, Cathy, who is a freshman at Roanoke college in Virginia and also a talented singer and actor.

A lot of people don’t know this but Jeaneo was run over by a car way back in the day (80’s). She was hurt for a long time due to her injuries but she refused to give up and got back in the game fast.

On top of being run over she also made it through lime disease. Once again, no quit in this girl!

Oh yeah, another thing to make a note of is that she started training with she was 45 years old! So if you’re 30 and you think you’re old and can’t train/keep up then look at Jeaneo Binney and suck it up! She makes no excuses and you shouldn’t either.

Jeaneo = 3%’er!!!!

Jeaneo started her martial arts training at Klotz Institute of karate in Bowie, MD. Through Klotz she received her brown belt in karate. Jeaneo has said many times that she really enjoyed training with Master Klotz and anyone in the Bowie area interested in Karate should check it out.

She was more then heavy into the martial arts training in Bowie at Klotz but what she was hoping for was more “ground fighting” and of course the leading style for that is Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Anyone who lives in Maryland knows that you have one source and one source only for Gracie Jujitsu training, Team Lloyd Irvin.

So the search began for a Team Lloyd Irvin program near Bowie Maryland…

Jeaneo found her way to Ivey League MMA through longtime Master Paul Greenhill student, Brian Welsh. Brian, who is an instructor for Klotz Karate, told Jeaneo about me opening up shop in Annapolis Md in early 2008.

Jeaneo was in fact the very first student to enroll in classes with myself(Master Danny Ives) before we even opened our doors in January of 2008. We met for dinner in downtown Annapolis Maryland on a cold winter night and she took a leap of faith and enrolled with me even through she hadn’t even taken a class with us yet!

I know she sure didn’t regret her decision.

Jeaneo worked her butt off! She was always the first student to arrive at class and the last to leave. She asked great questions and did extra drilling on the answers. Jeaneo was also doing a lot of Muay Thai Kickboxing with Coach Jason Farrell and would spar very often as well. Many people don’t know this but Jeaneo can also box with the best of them. She’s also the first member of our prestigious CAP Platinum program. Platinum is an invite only training and learning program we offer at Ivey League MMA.

Because of the amazing amount of work and studying Jeaneo did she moved up the ranks fast. She’s kind of like a sponge, give her a technique and she breaks it down to the very smallest details and then adds 10 different variations to it, amazing!

Jeaneo received her blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in March of 2009, one year into training. That’s ridiculous fast btw. Team Lloyd Irvin isn’t known for handing out belts as I’m sure must of you know.

I consider that day one of the proudest moments of my life. To see her come so far and get her blue belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for me was truly unforgettable. After all she’s been through she finally got the blue belt, at the young age of 46!

Since getting her blue belt Jeaneo has gone on to teach her own class (Tuesday mornings at 7am) and even travels with me to seminars to assist and help teach.

I could write for days about this fine young lady but I think for right now everyone got an idea.

Thanks to Jeaneo “The first avenger” Binney for making me understand how training in the martial arts is truly a life changing decision for the better.

Below is a video of Jeaneo talking about training at Ivy League MMA in Severna Park, MD.

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