Student spotlight – Paul Peck

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I opened up shop here in the Annapolis area back in March of 2008. Since that time people have come and gone but one man still remains, Paul “Murda Ink” Peck!

Paul is the man in my book and I have plenty of stories about this crazy guy but for the blog today I’m going to keep it simple. Let’s talk about Paul and his training here at Ivy League MMA…

Paul started training at the age of 38 as a way to keep in shape and have some fun. At first he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go the MMA, Kickboxing or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu route. In the beginning I have to admit that I thought Paul would go the Kickboxing route just because it seemed more common at the time. Then again anyone that knows Paul understands that he’s anything but normal!

Shocking to me, Paul ended up doing BJJ, and when I say doing BJJ, I mean living, breathing and dying BJJ. One thing with Paul is that he doesn’t take any activity lightly and martial arts classes were no exception. He got very good very fast. I think part of his fast progress was from the help he received from his neighbor, Crazy 88 BJJ purple belt Wayne Johnson.

Since first starting with us Paul got his blue belt, which isn’t easy here at Ivey League MMA and went on to become one of the top students. He has competed and won in grappling tournaments, and always helps to push the pace in the tough CAP classes. Paul now even runs some classes when his schedule allows and he does a heck of a good time. The students always tell me that Paul’s classes are very technical, fun and a great workout. I always enjoy that kind of feedback. If you haven’t met Paul yet, look for the guy in the flashy Red Gi.

It’s also a family affair with Paul as he now has his oldest son, Connor (5), taking kids classes and is he the Black Belt Club (BBC) program. On top of that whenever we have a kids movie night we’re always treated to little Kara (Paul’s daughter) running around.

All and all I couldn’t be happier having Paul Peck as a student. I thought it would be cool to tell his tale and I should also add that at the ripe age of 41, he’s just getting started!

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