Summer camp and the new schedule start this Monday

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Hey everyone this is Master Danny Ives here. I wanted to let everyone know that the new schedule will kick off this upcoming Monday(07-25-2011). The major changes will be more MMA and kids classes, giving Ivey League MMA the widest variety of martial arts class in the Annapolis MD area. We will have the schedule posted online and also copies at the academy for those who want and need one.

If you need to make changes to your classes as far as switching days and times please speak with Miss Teresa. I’m sure everyone is going to dig the new schedule and it will only make your training here at Ivey League better then it already is.

BTW, I should say thanks to all the students and parents for helping us grow so much over the last 3+ years. It’s because of you that we made it this far and everything we do is for you guys!

If you’re interested in becoming an instructor for Ivey League MMA please speak with Miss Teresa as we plan to get a move on with our instructor training classes. I can only teach so much, we need to groom some future teachers and motivators.

Summer camp starts this Monday as well!

This is the first kids martial arts summer camp that we’ve done here. Excited would be one way to put it:) We have early drop off at 7am Monday morning for those parents that need to go into work early. Camp times will be from 9-4 every day with early drop off and late pickup (7-9am and 4-6pm)

The kids will have 3 martial arts workouts a day, one in Muay Thai Kickboxing, one in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and one in Wrestling. My oh my the kids will return home tired and in the best shape of their little lives!

Sorry for parents late to the game but summer camp is sold out for both weeks. Next year we plan to run a 9 week camp, just a heads up.

K that covers it. I’m off to Ivey league.

–Master Danny Ives

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