This upcoming Saturday we’ll be hosting a takedown seminar with Wrestling master Danny Song.

Anyone looking to make faster progress with their training needs to take this seminar. Wrestling is a key piece of the puzzle for overall success with mixed martial arts. It’s often called the glue that’s sticks it all together.

Danny Song comes from a great background of wrestling, having spent time working under names such as Dan Gable and the Brand’s Brothers out in Iowa.

This seminar will have a heavy focus on the basics and fundamentals of wrestling and takedowns. Simple techniques such as the double and single leg will be shown and drilled on.

Remember, like Coach Danny Ives always says, it’s the simple things that win big fights. That applies both inside and outside of the cage.

To RSVP please email us at [email protected]

Below you can find some more information.

Wrestling Seminar w/ Coach Danny Song
Where: Ivey League MMA 1517 Ritchie Hwy #1
When: Saturday June 8th
What Time: 11am-12:30pm
Investment: $25 For Basic Members, $20 For CAP/BBC
Gear Needed: T-Shirt & Shorts

Keep in mind that both kids and adults are welcome to attend this seminar.

We look forward to everyone making it out and attending. As always you can also RSVP by calling (443) 949-7208

Oh and…Anyone that RSVP’s before the 6th will receive Coach Danny’s best selling omoplata DVD!

Don’t sit on your hands too long, act now.

Below we’ve included some great wrestling and takedown videos.

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