Team Lloyd Irvin crowns it’s first UFC Champion!!!!

By December 17, 2010 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

On an historic night, teammate Dominick Cruz won the first ever bantam weight UFC Champion Belt and retired the WEC as the title holder. Cruz has a style of extremely high energy, constant movement, and solid technique. For this title fight, it was clear Cruz had trained like a true champion. His standup was impressive, landing fast hands and throwing headkicks throughout the 25 minute bout. He faced a tough competitor in Jorgenson, who showed up for the fight determined to take the title Cruz, who was the reigning champ. Cruz however was unstoppable, even taking down Jorgenson (who was a Division 1 wrestler in college) time after time.

Master Lloyd Irvin was in Cruz’s corner, coaching him toward his victory. Teammate Mike Easton was there as well to cheer on Cruz after helping him prepare for the fight. Cruz represented Team Lloyd Irvin at its best with his inspiring performance and landmark win. Congratulations Dominick Cruz!

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