The Idea Is To Hit Without Getting Hit

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I was teaching my Muay Thai Kickboxing Orientation class last night and I covered what I call “hit without getting hit”. You want to attack someone with the goal of hitting them without getting hit yourself.

It really boils down to developing better overall defense so you don’t get hit.

Now, in most hand to hand combat situations you get hit a little, nothing new there. The key is if you do get hit then get his in the parts of the body that aren’t a big deal. You know, the arm, the elbow, the shin.

What are some of the basic defensive movements we teach here at Ivey League MMA? For Muay Thai I like teaching how to slip, duck and fade, at least for most punches. For kicks I teach shielding, covering and evasive type techniques.

I like my fighters to always be moving after they attack. Moving their feet and head. Remember it’s much harder to hit a moving target. You need to be that moving target.

The point is this: You should be working on your defense all the time. The basics are the key and should be stressed every single training session.

Below is a video I found of MMA and Kickboxing trainer Duke Roufus. It’s good to see some of the defensive skills he shows. Take a look, study and learn!

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