The Knee Cut Across – It Might Be The Best Guard Pass!

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What is the knee cut across guard pass you might ask? Check out the video below…

In the video above, Miami academy owner and MMA instructor Marcos Avellan is showing his style of knee cut across(KCA). This is by far and away one of and maybe even the “BEST” guard passes you can use.

Marcos was so good with this move that he was feared on the tournament circuit because of it. We really have to admit that the Avellan brothers have this technique down cold. Meaning that they could wake up at 3am, roll out of bed and right into a knee cut across guard pass!

It works wonders whether in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kimono, without the kimono, in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or self defense. The KCA will pass some serous guard.

Here at Team Lloyd Irvin, both this location (Annapolis Maryland) and all the others, the KCA is a staple technique that is taught. Simple, easy to learn and works like a charm.

At Ivy league Mix Martial Arts we try to touch on this technique at least every week or every other week and it’s heavy in the curriculum we use as well.

Who is the best at the KCA pass? Hmm, tough question. There are many who I think really have this mastered but the ones that come to mind are Master lloyd Irvin (of course), Marcos and David Avellan and Royler Gracie.

Master Danny Ives first learned this technique years ago from his former instructor, Ricardo Almeida. When he came to Team Lloyd Irvin it was stressed even more and so Master Danny really learned all the ins and outs of the knee cut.

Check out this other video, it’s solid gold stuff…

In video above, Team Lloyd Irvin Black Belt Todd Margolis is showing how he does the KCA.

Long story short, you should be drilling this move like crazy because it works!

Time to study, get to work and drill drill drill!

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