The inverted triangle, this move is for real folks

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The inverted triangle, this move is for real folks

Before I even write this story I should point out that this technique is far from new. Ah let me think about the first time I first saw the inverted triangle…good gracious it was back in 1997 when my instructor at the time was showing it to help with defense to the crossbody position(a common position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA)

The funny thing about a lot of techniques, including the inverted triangle, used in both in BJJ and MMA is that you sometimes forget them. So what’s old is now new, much like the reverse triangle. I have to be the first to admit that I forgot this technique like most others did. Then I was watching some clips from the ADCC 2009 tournament and saw a match where it was used to win the whole division. I saw it again when my good friend Master Julius Park was using it in a team workout at my academy back in October of 2010.

Check out the video of this sweet inverted triangle at 4:17

Pretty cool huh?! I saw a reverse triangle in the UFC back a year or so ago when this skill was still not known well(it’s still not that well known). The fight ended with the guy on top taping out due to being choked and was darn close to going out (that’s BJJ jargon for going unconscious)

How do I learn the inverted triangle?

Get a good teacher! Haha no I mean that’s part of it but what you need to do it learn the technique and then drill the heck out of it! It can be hit from a number of positions like cross body and the turtle as well as in scrambles. I will try to shoot a video later in the week showing the right way to hit this technique…

Now….get to work!

–Master Daniel Ives

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