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The Willingness To Do Whatever It Takes Is EVERYTHING! The Chris Hicks Story

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This blog is dedicated to one of my students named Chris Hicks. In fact I’m going to call this the “Chris Hicks story”.

Chris is an older fella, not sure on his exact age but I’m guessing mid 40’s. He’s been a member here at IL for about 3 years now. Since starting with us he’s grown into one of our most beloved and respected members.

Let me explain why…

Chris’ schedule is super crazy. He doesn’t always have the most time to fit in martial arts classes. Between teaching guitar lessons, working two jobs, being in a band (they just released an album) and of course, spending time with his family, he doesn’t have readily available like most.

He definety lives “off peak” if you know what I mean. Because of this, it’s often difficult for him to make it to our normally scheduled morning and night classes.

But does Chris let this hectic schedule and little time to train effect his goals? No, he does not.

what makes Chris unique is that rather then make excuses and just quit – like 95% of other people would do, he just makes it happen.

Many times he’ll come in late at night, 12am or sometimes later, to fit in a good drilling or light rolling session with another super dedicated IL member, Kevin Gerrity.

These training sessions might only last 45 minutes to an hour but you know what? It’s still something and more then most do.

Remember this: The willingness to do whatever it takes in order to get the job done is the most important trait I see in those who become champions and those who become…well I guess you can call em’ have-nots.

BJJ and mma student chris hicks

Pictured here showing off his BJJ white belt is longtime student Chris Hicks

Because of this willingness to get the job done, Chris (and Kevin) continue to get better and better. Even at age 40+, when most people spend more time clicking a remote instead of working out, Chris gets his training in.

What made me write about Chris and this subject is because of what I witnessed the other day during the CAP MMA Class. As I watched Chris doing some light MMA rolling I was blown away by his level of improvement.

I just remember thinking that his skill set has improved leaps and bounds from the last time I watched him, which was months ago sadly. It was clear that all those late night training sessions have started to pay off.

I assure you if he didn’t work so hard and find the time to get that work in he wouldn’t be experiencing these results.

Chris is seen here playing with his music band during a gig. Judging by the clothes I'd assume a rock band of some sorts :)

Chris is seen here playing with his music band during a gig. Judging by the clothes I’d assume a rock band of some sorts 🙂

The bullet point is this: Don’t make excuses!

Find the time, no wait, MAKE THE TIME to fit in your classes/workouts/training. Do whatever it takes to get things moving in the right direction.

Don’t be like everyone else and make a bunch of lame excuses about how you don’t have the time or don’t have the money or have a sore finger.

Like I always say, the path to success won’t always be fun and you should expect bad days along the journey. But when it’s all said and done the ones who keep moving forward, good or bad mood or day, whatever, are the ones who find the most success.

Oh and let me point out this is success not just on the mats here at Ivey League Mix Martial Arts but also also success out in the real world.

As the great Yoda from Star Wars once said “Do or do not, there is no try”.

Below check out some great youtube videos that if nothing else should motivate you to get up and moving.

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