The Words From A Good Kid Says It All

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Usually it’s me (Danny) who writes all these blogs and the stories. But every now and then a kid writes me something that’s just so awesome I’ve got to share it with the world.

Below you’ll find something one of my best students, BJJ Gray Belt Seton Gerrity wrote. I didn’t edit it or anything.

Reading something like this is what makes all the long days and sometimes having to deal with not-so-nice people all worth it.

It’s so nice, check it out. Oh and below that I included a picture of Seton.

My name is Seton Gerrity and I’m ten years old. I have four siblings and normally I’m fighting with them or sleeping. I play soccer and I practice MMA. I love animals and hope to be a veterinarian when i grow up. I like to plan my future and put down colleges i would like to go to. i love to read and depending on how long the book is i can normally read a book in one day. The reason I got into MMA is mostly because I would fight or slap, punch, and argue with my siblings. I had a lot of energy and i needed to use it. As it turns out sometimes arguing and having way to much energy can get you somewhere. Me and my brother were the first to start at Ivey League MMA. I remember my intro and the first time we were in the gym. I was fighting with my brother and i remember Master Danny say to my dad,” They have a lot of energy”. That happened when i was six and i still remember. For some people it would be just a childhood memory but to me its something that will last me forever. On that day i knew nothing about what i would do in this gym. Now i have my Gray belt, am almost in Middle school, am competing in many big tournaments, and my whole family is training in this gym. being here has built up my self confidence which is very important. I got the lead role in my school Christmas Pageant and i would never have had the confidence without training here. I have so many friends here and most of the instructors and students are family to me. Master danny is a playful person ,he normally teaches adult and kids classes, and he definitely has a childish spirit. Mrs. Teresa is more hard core, is a great boxer, and is married to Master Danny. In school I didn’t have any school friends from first grade to fourth and i started school in kindergarten. Mostly because i was very anti-social. I might have had someone to play with or whatever but they were never my real friends. I would playing and go somewhere else and see if they noticed, they normally didn’t.I felt left out and my siblings made matters worse. Everyone thought they were adorable and so great but they are horrible to me. i know it sounds childish , but i felt this way. I don’t really want to tell you my sob story so I’ll stop. At Ivey League I had people who were my second family, I knew them better than most of my cousins. While i was growing up i just got more frustrated with myself and i grew more anti-social which just made it harder to make friends. If it weren’t for Ivey League I wouldn’t have many of my friends and i would never have been the crazy person i am now. I am so thankful for my dad bringing me to Ivey League and for all my friends at Ivey League. So many people grew up at Ivey league and Im one of them except I’m still growing up. I hope I get my yellow belt soon and win PAN kids. I hope i’ll stay at Ivey League until I go off to college. I am so thankful for the family I’ve made at Ivey League MMA.

The daughter I never had, Seton.

The daughter I never had, Seton.

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