Training with different people and higher belts

By January 29, 2011 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

To those who don’t compete and to those who do and want to get better- I’ve recently found how important it is to test yourself against different people from the regular crew at your school. This past week I traveled to an affiliate gym to train when the power went out at Annapolis MMA. It was great those guys pushed me hard and while doing so I realized I have improved. That night I improved even more.

I feel like it has a lot to do with pride. I went in their wanting to make my school look good as well as myself. So my game stepped up a bit. Plus the experience I get from not only training with other Jiu Jitsu players, but IBJJF Champions and World Champions. You can’t have better training than with people who know how to win at the highest levels. I’m going to make it a bigger part of my training regime to help me reach my goals. Traveling to train –MMA,BJJ,Muay Thai, Boxing- is important, there are so many styles out there and so much to learn. I’m lucky to be under my Coach Danny Ives and Team Lloyd Irvin because of all my training opportunities. They’re unlimited and encouraged, that’s hard to come by.

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