Upcoming events at Ivey League MMA

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As we head into fall I thought now would be a good time to talk about the upcoming events for the rest of the year (2011). Some of the dates might change but this is going to be at least a look at what’s going on for a while.

In October we’ll be hosting another one of our kids movie nights. However, we decided that this time we’d change the name because calling it a movie night would be false advertising because the kids never want to watch the movie! They just want to play dodgeball and run around, which is fine by the staff. Now we’re calling it “Night of the ninja”. We also think the name sounds cool.

Also in October on the 8th we have the Naga Maryland tournament. We’re sending a decent size amount of both kids and adults. That’s a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappling tournament (No kickboxing).

In November we have the parents Black Friday getaway. That’s so that the kids can be dropped off and the parents can hit the malls for the holidays. This will be the first time we’ve done this and we’re excited.

Also in November we have the Naga in NJ. I think that’s on the 18th…

In December we have the kids and adults holiday parties as well as the Naga on the 10th and the GQ on the 3rd. The Naga will be in Virginia and the GQ will be in NJ. Tournament wise after that we have the Pan Kids Championships in CA in February 2012.

That’s at least a slight break down of what’s going on for the rest of the year. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Oh and the new Newsletter drops today so pick up a copy to help you stay in the loop.

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