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Use A Notebook To Better Your Training In Martial Arts

By December 30, 2012 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

In the past I’ve talked about things like being sore, making progress much faster and on and on.

Today I thought I’d cover something that I talk about here at Ivey League all the time. You can really get so much more out of your training with this one little tip.

Get a notebook and use it!

The first thing I recommend to all new students is for them to get a notebook. Writing things down makes a huge difference. I really wish more students did this.

Take something like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A lot of the ground fighting techniques you learn in BJJ can have tricky steps to them, a lot of tricky steps. Your memory just isn’t always sharp enough to remember every detail.

I know mine isn’t and that’s why I use a Note book.

Notes you take can and will come in handy. That plus it’s going to speed up your progress by a lot, I’m 100% sure.

Feel free to bring your notebook right onto the training floor to write things down. Just make sure not to forget it at Ivey League!


Some students are far more techie then I so they go home and put stuff on computer files right from their notebooks. That’s cool too. Whatever you can do to make a system of your notes is good enough for me.

Bottom line…………………………..

Remembering your techniques is series of skill is half the battle. So start taking notes right on the mats or in the cage. Don’t put it off, start today.

I use notebooks for not only my martial arts training but in everyday life. Something like a day planner goes a long way. Let’s face or, we forget things hence why you need to get a use a notebook and other stuff like a day planner.

That’s today’s lesson. If you need a notebook see Miss Chrissy or Miss Teresa. We have a lot of them here at the academy.

Me taking martial arts notes on my mac

Master Danny Ives Taking Martial Arts Notes On His Computer

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