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Using Muay Thai Kickboxing Techniques Effectively for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA

By January 9, 2014 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

Lots of students over the years have asked me what my take is on Muay Thai Kickboxing techniques and how they tie into Mixed Martial Arts events like the UFC.

Basically people want to know if Muay Thai works for MMA. Anyone that understands MMA knows Muay Thai works extremely well. As a matter of fact, Muay Thai style Kickboxing is the first choice of 90% of MMA fighters in the world today.

Truth be told; There’s plenty of good stand up martial arts styles out there. Everyone thinks it’s only about Thai Boxing but that just isn’t true. The following styles also have something to offer:

  • Boxing
  • Karate
  • American Style Kickboxing
  • TKD

So yeah there’s more out there then just Thai Boxing. The thing is, in my opinion and the opinion of many other MMA experts, Muay Thai is the best when it comes to effective striking.

I should point out that no style is without flaws. There’s some techniques that can be used in Muay Thai training that I wouldn’t go for in MMA. But I’d say most of the skills you learn in Thai Boxing work in MMA.

Muay Thai Kickboxing utilizes the whole body for attacking. You use punches, kicks, knees and elbows. These are all striking techniques that can be used in Mixed Martial Arts or a street self defense situation.

Even if you’re primarily a ground fighter, it’s very important to learn Thai Boxing. At least learn the fundamentals skills. All students of martial arts should at least know how to punch with a cross and how to use a round kick.

If you want to see very good Kickboxing skills in the UFC you won’t have to look very far. Anderson Silva comes to mind. Jose Aldo is another. BJ Penn is good too.

Watch those guys in action and you’ll see right away what real Muay Thai striking should look like.

Make sure if you plan on competing in MMA, always work on keeping your Muay Thai skills sharp. Watch and study the best Muay Thai strikers you can find. Come to my academy right in Annapolis, Ivey League MMA, if you want to learn real Thai Boxing.

Okay well that’s enough writing for me. Besides, I’ve gotta get a move on and change some of the lights around in the bathrooms. I know right, living life on the edge!

Check out these great highlight videos of UFC and K-1 hotshots. Study and learn.


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