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Weight Loss and Fitness With Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes

By January 6, 2014 June 27th, 2018 No Comments
fitness training with Thai Boxing

Does Muay Thai Kickboxing get you in shape? Yes it sure does. Faster and Better then anything I’ve ever done, that’s for sure. It’s hard to explain but there’s something about the type of workout you get with Muay Thai Kickboxing. It produces fast results.

I could sit here and write about countless people I’ve seen lose a ton of weight through these classes. One student of ours, a nice fellow named Shahid, lost 40+ pounds in less then 6 months!

You Don’t Need To Be a Fighter To Enjoy Muay Thai Kickboxing!

Shahid, like most of our students here isn’t a fighter and never wants to be. He takes our kickboxing classes to have fun, get in shape and learn some realistic self defense. Weight loss I’m happy to say is a by-product of the activity.

I always joke around with my students and say “Have you ever seen an overweight Muay Thai Kickboxer?!”. They always say no. You just don’t see that too often.

So now the big question becomes “Why?”. Why is this the case. A big reason why is that Muay Thai uses the whole body, unlike let’s say Boxing, which only uses punches to attack with.

In Muay Thai you’re using punches, kicks, knees, elbows and clinch work. So you end up working a lot of different things and using muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Another reason our students lose so much weight is that they stick with it. Kickboxing Is a lot of fun. It’s a whole lot more entertaining then lifting weights by yourself at a gym. Having fun while working out is key and kicking things never gets boring, at least to me haha.

Mixed up your training and doing different types of workouts is a good idea.

Below are some great skill building exercises used in Muay Thai:

  • Shadow Boxing
  • Hitting The Punching (Heavy) Bag
  • Running
  • Jumping Rope
  • Pad Work

Those are just a few of the many great things you’ll be doing in Muay Thai classes like the ones we conduct at our Annapolis academy,  Ivey League MMA.

Now I don’t think it would be wise to only do Muay Thai Kickboxing. A good diet rich in clean food certainly helps get you in shape faster. That and living a good lifestyle, you know, not getting trashed on the weekends or staying out all night.

Remember that getting in shape and becoming a better version of “YOU” is a lifestyle. You’ve gotta accept that in order for you to have success in with your 2014 fitness goals you’ll need to change your lifestyle.

Below are some great video that are sure to light a fire under your rear and get you up and moving. Hopefully, moving at a good pace to my Mixed Martial Arts Academy!

If you’d like more great Muay Thai Kickboxing information, I highly recommend checking out this website My closed friend and Muay Thai Expert, Kru Jose runs that site. It’s worth a look.




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