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It was a busy weekend for Ivey League MMA as we had many things going on, not just at our school but with all of Team Lloyd Irvin. Here is the rundown of some of the going-ons.

First, we have to give a big congrats to Ivey League’s own Cammie Jurkowski. She took 3rd place at the MMA Nationals tournament this past weekend in Hampton, VA. She won her first fight by ref stoppage in the second round, then lost a split decision to another Team Lloyd Irvin female in the semi’s (there were 8 females in the division). In the end, it was all Lloyd Irvin females who placed in the top three of the 135 lb weight class. This is a major event, with competitors coming from all over the world to compete and the skill level is very high.

Overall, TLI was in top form with many guys and gals making it to the finals and winning their divisions. This speaks volumes about the high level training we have going on. (Cammie came to us a year ago with no training whatsoever.) It would be hard for me to write about everyone who competed but some of the stand outs were: Danny Mahoney, he was amazing! Sijara Eubanks was also sharp as a knife. Bebe was getting after it! (her match in the semi finals should be showed to all who need to know what “heart” is in a fight.) And there were more, but once again, I could write for hours about it! Congrats to all that got out there and put it on the line, you make TLI proud!

Cammie's family


working the corner

Also in Hampton, Ivey League’s head Coach, Danny Ives, got a chance to work with Muay Thai Kickboxing legend Rob Kaman. Mr. Kaman taught a seminar on Sunday which covered many areas of stand up striking. Danny said it was a great seminar and he learned a ton. Below is a pic of Danny and Mr. Kaman.

Mr. Kaman and Danny Ives

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