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Wrestling Classes Now Offered At Ivey League MMA In Annapolis, MD

By May 4, 2012 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

Anyone that watches or knows about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) knows that Wrestling plays a huge role in winning fights and being the most well rounded you can be.

Here at Ivey League MMA, we train Wrestling a lot because we know how useful Wrestling is. It’s the glue that sticks Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing together!

We offer straight up wrestling classes on Thursday and Saturday. Thursday classes start at 8:30pm and for Saturday they start at 12pm.

Jack Dawson teaches on Thursday nights and Brandon Dlozio teaches Saturdays.

These classes are open to all students enrolled at Ivey League as well as folks on our 7 day free trial.

What will you learn in the Wrestling classes? You’ll get in great shape, learn a bunch and have fun, like with all the other classes.

Some of the things you learn with wrestling classes are:

*Double and single leg takedowns
*Counter offense like shot to re-shot
*Takedowns off the cage and wall (very useful for self defense and UFC fighting)

Who are some of the best Wrestlers to watch in the UFC today? Check out some of the videos posted below because they have some great fighters and I’m sure you’ll enjoy not just the takedowns but also the smooth transitions.

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