Write up for Jose’s seminar by Teresa Russin

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The buzz surrounding last month’s Jose Villirisco Muay Thai Seminar has prompted a detailed review for those who were unable to attend or any fighter interested in learning how to train at an optimum level. Read on for the rundown of the construction of the seminar, the skill level of the instructor, and the effect of the seminar of the students who participated.

The seminar consisted of a non-stop agenda, essentially condensing a season of training into an intense two and a half hour muay thai bootcamp. The night began with an concentrated warm up to get our joints loose and muscles moving. Jose broke down the proper techniques for each movement as we worked, illustrating the importance of sound execution even with the most basic component of effective muay thai training. Instruction began with a course of offensive movements taught through a succession of combinations designed for deadly application that can be implemented seamlessly through a fight. Jose continued with defensive strategies, taught following the same format. He used an initial demonstration, followed by partner work and individual critique to impart each combination of offensive patterns, defensive movements, or attack and defend exchanges. To really push the students, Jose completed the training with drills to emphasize technique while under physical constraint. Participants were offered the opportunity to spar with Jose and fellow fighters in order to apply the material covered as a bonus at the end of the night. All in all, students learned dynamic attacks, elusive defensive movements, deafening combinations, unbeatable strategy, proper application, comprehensive pad work, effective partner work, and intense sparring.

Leaving a lasting impression to seminar participants, Jose’s quiet temperament transformed into a brilliant fighter as he began instruction. The term lightening fast speed can’t quite capture the impression of watching Jose in action. Seeing the real time speed of a professional fighter as he used the exact combinations we were learning gave us a goal for which to strive. At times, Jose’s hands blurred as he delivered strikes and kicks during demonstration. Yet, he gave demonstrations at all skill levels, showcasing how beginners can master the techniques and how more advanced students can incorporate the moves into their fighting portfolio. He created a level of comfort and trust within each student that enabled the student to challenge themselves to a higher level of performance and deeper understanding of how to master the sport. The teaching method of Jose simplified the intricacies of techniques to develop superior skills beyond the standard muay thai repertoire for each student.

As one student stated, Jose’s seminar equated to “two and a half hours that will last a lifetime.” Learning the secrets of a professional like Jose was priceless for those in attendance, giving us an edge over the competition. The seminar was a key experience for developing fighters. We broadened our comprehension of the sport, honed our techniques, and gained confidence in our fighting. Opportunities such as Jose’s seminar continues to embellish the capabilities of Ivey League fighters and the morale of the team. Ivey League hopes to have Jose return for future seminars and coaching sessions, as his knowledge and experience cannot be captured in a single seminar and will only serve to further advance the dominating prowess our fighters. Only during events such as these can fighters learn the specific combinations, strategies and drills that are privileged knowledge of elite fighters like Jose Villirisco.

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